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Thank You for Coming!

Thanks to those of you who joined us in New Brunswick for PICC ’10. Check out the blog posts about the conference here.

Keynote Speaker PICC ‘10 Commercials

The full commercials can be found here.

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    Training Class Evaluation

    Conference Evaluation

    Coming from New York City or Philadelphia, then you should read this special note

    Training, Talks and Topics

    Nationally known speakers:

    • David Blank-Edelman, O’Reilly author
    • Thomas A. Limoncelli, Author and Speaker, Google NYC
    • Eben Haber, IBM Research
    • Brian Jones, Sysadmin and trainer
      And many more!
    • Linux / Unix
    • Windows
    • Networking
    • Open Source
    • Storage
    • IPv6 Networking
    • New open source tools
    • Better Time management
    • Improved user support
      And much, much, more!
      Multiple Tracks:
    • Training: Professional training from nationally-known experts
    • Talks and papers: Cutting edge topics, down-to-earth advice
    • "Unconference": Community-driven topics, panels, and talk


    A gathering of people from the diverse IT community in New Jersey to learn, share ideas, and network.  The conference includes invited speakers and keynotes, top-notch training that is relevant, useful, and recession-friendly, as well as an “unconference” track where attendees propose and host their own topics.

    Everyone is invited!

    Two exciting days of training and networking!  Meet and network with your peers from the New Jersey area!