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Save big money!

Regional conferences are Your Best Education Value!

Times are tough. Pressure to “do more with less” is everywhere. We have the solution! Training is a great way to get the most out of what you already have: hardware, software, and humans too!

Learn to automate rather than hire. Learn economical open source tools. Learn what hot new technologies are available to help you do your job better. Network with local sysadmins and see how they solve the same challenges you face.

Regional conferences like LOPSA’s New Jersey Professional IT Community Conference brings nationally recognized trainers to you!

Compare then decide:

Typical National Conference LOPSA-NJ PICC 2010
Travel $300-$600 airfare $30 tolls and gas
Hotel $1200 for 6 nights $89+tax for one night
Registration $2000 for training and conference $475
Meals $375 ($75/day) Included! Fri lunch, Dinner; Sat lunch
Days out of the office A full week! One business day + Saturday (a fair trade)
Total: $4025 (typical) $610
Register by March 15, save $75! -75
You pay only: $535 total (even food!)

Save even more with these tips:

  • Save nearly $100 by foregoing a hotel room. A regional conference means it’s easy to get to! New Brunswick is in the center of New Jersey. Less than an hour drive from NYC, Philly, Paramus, Cherry Hill, even Toms River! Leave home after 7am, be there on time to be registered and ready by 9am!
  • Register early! Register by March 15 and we take $75 off the full price of registration. Better odds than Atlantic City!
  • Share a hotel room. Double and triple occupancy rates available. (How friendly are your coworkers?)
  • Special “no training” rate: $250 gets you everything except the training track. Arrive Friday at 5pm, enjoy everything (except the training track) for both days!

Remind your boss:
  • Entire training program is by nationally-recognized trainers with years of experience. Topics focus on real problems with solutions you can use immediately wen you return to the office.
  • It’s a fair trade! Your boss gives you Friday off for the conference, you attend Saturday on your own time.
  • Show your boss the training schedule. Have them select which classes you’ll attend. (Don’t be insulted if it is the “time Management” class)
  • The “unconference” program needs you… and your boss! Come give a presentation, be on a panel, or just reserve an “unconference” room to share your thoughts!