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We surveyed the first 20 people that registered for the conference. This is what they told us!

What’s the #1 reason you registered for the conference?

“It’s close, cheap and had training sessions/talks I was interested in. I know that’s 3 but if I had to pick one, price made it easy to goto my manager without any issues getting approval.”

“Staying current in the IT Field, Seeing other aspects of my field, meeting other people in my field to learn from.”

If your boss is paying for you to attend, what did he/she say?

“The total cost is cheaper than travel to a national conference. Can’t pass that up!”

“It was cheap and I showed him a few of the talks that could benefit us.”

“[My shop has] seen 20% budget cuts each year, [but my boss said he
wants to ] “start budgeting more money for you to get to this training
and other conferences so you don’t become stagnate.”

“One day out of the office, one day of my time? Sounds reasonable!”

“The cost including travel was inexpensive enough to not need justification.”

“The networking alone, nevermind the actual learning opportunities, is virtually priceless.”

What are you expecting to get out of the conference?

“Learn more on IT Policies, insights on Drupal and Nagios”

“I’m looking forward to they keynotes!”

“Meeting new people in the field. Also being able to put a name to face
that I have read their emails on the lists I subscribe to.

“Making contacts in the IT field that one day may pay off in an emergency or when I am struggling to get a project accomplished.”